Berry gets RecyClass certification to show it uses recycled content in French facility


The Berry Superfos facility in La Genête, France has been given RecyClass certification so it can demonstrate its use of recycled content.

With countries such as Spain and UK introducing taxes on non-reusable plastic packaging and recycled content, with other EU countries likely to follow, producers of packaging will need to prove and document use of recycled material in their products.


Berry Superfos, which is part of Berry Global’s Consumer Packaging International Division, has had this facility in France certified so that it can label non-food packaging pails as RecyClass certified.

Following the auditing process, it was shown that Berry can incorporate up to 80% post-consumer recycled material in its non-food products.

Berry Superfos La Genête factory manager Sébastien Morey said: “Many of our customers require a reliable way to show their customers and the authorities that their packaging solutions are recyclable and contain recycled material, including the amount.

“RecyClass certification provides an appropriate solution for our non-food customers. 

“Their response has been very positive as it now means they can make credible claims about the use of post-consumer recycled material as a content material in their Berry Superfos packaging solutions.”