Best recycled plastic product in Europe sought


A competition to find the best recycled plastic product in Europe in 2015 has been launched.

The European Best Recycled Plastics Product Award 2015 aims to recognise innovation and excellence in recycled plastic goods.


Hosted by the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery (EPRO), the award is also being promoted by UK member Recoup.

Recoup intends to promote recycled plastic products much more throughout 2015.

Chief executive Stuart Foster said: “There are so many fantastic applications and products now using recycled plastic, and we need to be making much more noise about it. In 2015, Recoup intend to do just that.

“This competition enables the industry to further demonstrate their commitment and work in the area of corporate social responsibility, and help consumers to more fully understand the outcomes of their plastic recycling efforts.”

The winner in 2014 was the Ubin waste collector (pictured), which was made from post-consumer polypropylene pots and trays.

Applicants have until 11 March to enter at