BIR warns over theft of material from containers


A sharp increase in reports of material theft from containers has been reported to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) over the past few months.

Although not geographically unique, the BIR says the situation appears particularly noteworthy in China and more specifically in the southern part of the country.


As a result, the BIR Secretariat, on behalf of its non-ferrous division has decided to email all BIR member companies asking them to complete a short questionnaire in order to confidentially collect numerous items of information including the quantity and value of stolen materials, the ports, the shipping lines, the nature of the thefts and more.

In a statement, the BIR said: “In order to assist its membership, further actions will be taken at the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) level with the Commercial Crime Services and International Maritime Bureau and by other official authorities should the BIR Secretariat receive sufficient evidence from its member companies.”