Businesses will drive development of circular economy says WRAP chief executive


The chief executive of WRAP has said that it will be businesses that will make the circular economy a reality.

In an article for Resource Efficient Business, Liz Goodwin said that the circular economy had faced challenges in 2014, particularly when the European Commission decided to withdraw the Circular Economy Package.


But in expressing optimism for 2015, she said that it would be businesses that would drive its development while the Commission decides on its next steps.

Peter Sainsbury from WRAP will be speaking at Secondary Commodity Markets 2015 – the conference for buyers and sellers of recyclable materials – on 3 March 2015 in London. Find out more here

She wrote: “Now is not the time to wait and see what happens, because ultimately, it is businesses that will make the circular economy a reality, and they have to.

“Currently in the UK, we use three times the resources that the planet can provide. It’s clear this is not sustainable, so the ‘take, make, throw away’ model has to change.

“Given price volatility, shortages of supply, diminishing resources and increased pressure to act on sustainable business practices, only a circular business model will make businesses more resilient for the future.

“And many businesses do understand this.”

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