Carbios set to licence its biorecycling PET recycling technology


French firm Carbios is to licence its biorecycling PET recycling technology to enable its expansion around the world.

Following the successful deployment of its technology at its demonstration unit in Clermont-Ferrand in France, the company now will licence the technology to potential partners.


Any licensees will now receive all necessary process documentation to reliably engineer, procure, construct and operate their biorecycling plants under stringent safety standards and producing high quality output.

Carbios chief business officer Stéphane Ferreira said: “As the leading company in the industrialization of biorecyling technology, Carbios is keen to bring its solution for plastic and textile circularity at scale to partners around the world.

“Wherever there is plastic use, there is a need for eco-responsible recycling. At Carbios, we are ready to deploy our biorecycling technology and contribute concretely to the circular economy of plastic.”