Carillion achieves 91% diversion from landfill


Construction giant Carillion has revealed that it has diverted 91 per cent of its waste from landfill.

In its Sustainability Report 2013, the company noted that it was set to meet its target of zero waste to landfill by 2015 of non-hazardous materials.


As part of this, it is committed to finding ways to             reuse or restore materials and where possible it also selects high-quality recycled raw materials for its construction projects.

In order to meet its landfill diversion targets, Carillion has collaborated with its supply chain, designed out waste and strengthened its relationship with waste management specialists such as Go Green and SITA.

However, the amount of waste created through the business has increased by 23 per cent, relative to a decrease in turnover. This is largely due to improved reporting and change in type of work, especially in the defence sector.

In its Sustainability Report, Carillion revealed that it has exceeded its target to reduce costs and increase profitability by £20 million as a result of its sustainable actions. In fact, it achieved £22.6 million and plans to reach a £40 million target by 2020.

Carillion chief executive Richard Howson said: “Surprisingly we still hear discussions that sustainability is either a ‘nice to have’ or, worse, something that companies can’t afford, but this misses the point.

“Our report demonstrates that sustainability can make a powerful contribution to profit as well as operational delivery and it creates real benefits for the communities in which we work.

“Done well, with commitment right across an organisation and the support of extended partnerships with clients and suppliers, sustainability makes a clear contribution to the bottom line. Becoming a more sustainable business goes hand-in-hand with becoming a more successful business.”