Losing the PRN webinar

Fears expressed over impact of EPR consultation on recycling businesses

To respond to this EPR consultation that could have a profound impact on recycling businesses, visit the consultation pages here
OPRL Certified as Recyclable

OPRL launches recyclability certification scheme

Packaging recycling label organisation OPRL has launched a new UK certification scheme called Certified as Recyclable that will provide evaluated and tested...
Stuart Foster

RECOUP launches rigid plastics auditing certification RecyClassUK

Plastics recycling charity RECOUP has revealed that it manage the auditing for recyclability certification of rigid plastic packaging scheme RecyClassUK.

RECOUP calls on packaging designers to remember the recyclability basics

Plastics recycling charity RECOUP has said that packaging designers and specifiers should not forget the basics when it comes to plastic packaging...
OPRL packaging recycling label

OPRL says PVC and PS no longer recyclable packaging

Packaging recycling label organisation OPRL has developed new rules that mean there mostly becomes a binary Recycle or Don't Recycle label.

Alupro becomes an OPRL guarantor

Aluminium recycling organisation Alupro is joining the list of guarantors of the OPRL packaging labelling scheme. Alupro will represent...

Disappointment expressed at Defra delay to EPR

The Government has announced that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will be delayed until October 2025. In a statement...

New sortable black plastics additive launched by Gabriel-Chemie

A new ink that allows black plastics to be sorted by near-infrared (NIR) detectors has been launched by Austrian masterbatch company Gabriel-Chemie.

M&S to offer discount to people bringing own containers

Retailer M&S will give people a 25p discount if they bring their own container to its fresh food-to-go Market Place counters.

Chiltern Railways to install coffee cup recycling at all of its stations

Train operator Chiltern Railways has implemented coffee cup recycling at all of its stations, with the official launch at Marylebone Station in London.  
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