Recycling Insights brings AI and data science to the recycling market

Recycling Insights forecast prices
Recycling Insights provides forecast prices using AI to analyse economic data

A new data science service Recycling Insights will give users the tools to fully understand recycling industry market data like never before.

Recycling Insights is a joint venture between recycling sector information service REB Market Intelligence and data science experts Data Courage.


More than two years in development, Recycling Insights provides artificial intelligence (AI)-driven forecast prices, current material prices, the ability to compare dozens of economic indicators directly with historic market prices, and trends and market summaries discovered by the AI.

Even better, subscribers to the Insights Plus subscription package can upload their own data to the system. This gives them their own bespoke data science service and allows them to understand trends in market transactions, while understanding how the wider economy affects their material trades.

Pricing data includes paper, plastic, metal and glass grades, plus PRNs. Economic data includes trends in retail, manufacturing, commodities, shipping, FX, global economic performance and more.

Recycling Insights allows for direct comparison between different material grades – even compare the plastic PRN against LDPE 98/2, or OCC versus dry bright wire
You can compare material prices against economic indicators on Recycling Insights – it will even tell you where the strongest correlations exist

Additionally, Recycling Insights provides the latest data on the types of material collected from individual local authorities and by whom, while also showing where it is treated.

It also brings news and information on the recycling sector to one place, allowing you to specify the information you want by material or sector. This saves having to flick through various websites to find the information you want and need. Simply see the headlines brought together on Recycling Insights and click through to the story on the news provider. Users can also view the AI-driven insights of the factors that are influencing the news.

Find out where material is generated in local authority areas, but also discover where it is treated with Recycling Insights

REB Market Intelligence managing director Paul Sanderson said: “Recycling Insights provides a dashboard that helps users better inform themselves before buying or selling recyclable materials. As well as accessing market and economic data, users can also gain insights into their own transactions, helping them to decide when is best to maximise buying and selling, and at what value.

“Recycling Insights is a tool that brings professional data science services to the recycling industry, helping subscribers maximise their revenue from their trades.

“For the first time, those trading materials will be able to access forecast prices calculated by AI and machine learning, compare their business against the market, and understand correlations between economic data and the materials they trade. This is a powerful tool for recycling businesses that want to give themselves an advantage over their competitors.”

Want to understand what trends are occurring in the export market? Use the Recycling Insights tool to find out where material has been going

Data Courage managing director Kamil Karbowiak added: “We have brought our AI and machine learning expertise to the recycling sector working closely with REB Market Intelligence.

“Since 2007, Data Courage has worked with small companies to large brands across the globe to give them insights into their business using data science that have boosted their profitability. I’m excited that we are now bringing this experience to the recycling sector. I’m confident this service will give those that use it an edge in the market.”

Subscription prices start from just £495 for the year for the basic data service Insights. While an Insights Plus subscription that allows companies to analyse their own data costs just an additional £495 plus 1p for each tonne registered on the site. Additional charges may apply to automate data transfer between company systems and Recycling Insights if required.

Using state-of-the-art encryption, Recycling Insights securely and anonymously holds data in the Cloud meaning users can access information anywhere and on any device. It also means only they can see their own data if they take advantage of the Insights Plus subscription.

Companies can also manually add data using the provided Excel template or can take advantage of the built-in ledger to record transactions.  

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