Interseroh launches new business in Germany to secure recycled content amid predicted shortage

Interseroh + executives
Markus Muller-Drexel and other ALBA Group executives

German waste logistics company Interseroh has launched a new business that will secure recycled content for its customers as it predicts there is likely to be a shortage.

Interseroh + has been launched to respond to the company’s forecast that EU minimum content rules for packaging will lead to a shortage of recycled feedstock.


As well as this, the new business will also enable companies to fulfill their legal requirement in Germany to licence their packaging.

Interseroh + managing director Markus Muller-Drexel said: “Consumers are demanding products and packaging that are not only recyclable, but are also made from an increasing proportion of recyclates.

“For manufacturers and distributors, this means that they have to secure access to the material cycle in order to have enough recycling materials for their production in future.

“A contract with Interseroh + not only fulfills the licensing obligations, but is also the entry ticket for the entire raw material cycle.”

As part of the ALBA Group, Interseroh + intends to use businesses within the group, especially ALBA Recycling, to source materials, especially plastics. But it also intends to work with international partners to source material.

Customers will also have access to Interseroh’s research laboratory in Slovenia for the Made for Recycling test procedure that evaluates the recyclability of packaging and advises on packaging design.

As Interseroh + is a spin off business, it requires approval from German federal states, which has been applied for.

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