Charity donations for second-hand furniture decline 


A report published by the Furniture Reuse Network (FRN) has shown a decrease in donations for furniture and electricals to charities in the UK. 

Despite a growing demand for second-hand goods, the decline has had a significant impact on the number of homes that can be helped every year with reused items. 


Reuse charities are essential for some people across the UK, providing the necessary equipment for the household. 





The report shows that in 2017, just 3.45 million items were reused in the UK compared to 3.48 million items in 2016. 

Figures show a decrease from 1.51 million homes in 2016 receiving help to 1.50 million in 2017, although the demand from people in need has increased.  

FRN chief executive Craig Anderson said: “This trend is indeed concerning as we reaching less people in need of furniture and electrical goods but not surprising. For a number of years, our members have been reporting a reduction in donations and furthermore in the quality of donations.  

“There are many factors to this decline which is a combination of a decrease or stagnation in retail sales, political uncertainty and austerity, people holding onto furniture longer and a boom in online community market places. 

“In order to mitigate this, we, as the Furniture Reuse Network, have been working hard to strengthen and diversify our commercial partnerships with the retail and manufacturing sector to supply our sector with essential household goods.”