China exceeds its targets on industrial facility closures


The Chinese government closed down more inefficient paper and metal manufacturing facilities than it originally targeted in 2010.

In a statement put out by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country revealed that it will continue to close down or restructure inefficient industries that cause pollution or waste energy. It also wishes to encourage the development of high-tech industries.


Over 41 million tonnes of ironmaking capacity was closed exceeding its 30 million target. 11.86 million tonnes worth of steelmaking was shut down compared to its target of 7.53 million tonnes.

378,000 tonnes of aluminium smelting was closed above the targeted 287,000 tonnes. 247,000 tonnes of copper capacity was shut compared to the 117,000 tonne goal.

In the paper manufacturing industry, 5.39 million tonnes of paper capacity was closed above the targeted figure of 4.32 million tonnes.