Chinese imports rise in July


The volume of materials imported into China in July saw a rise across all of the major materials.

Imports of scrap copper increased from June’s 370,000 tonnes to 430,000 tonnes in July. This was worth $1.28 billion compared to $1.14 billion in June.


Scrap aluminium imports increased to 230,000 tonnes last month worth $381.4 million from June’s 210,000 tonnes valued at $341.6 million.

Paper and paperboard imports increased to 310,000 tonnes with a value of $368.4 million compared to June’s 290,000 tonnes worth $344.3 million.

Imports of PET increased to 18,027 at a value of $30.3 million from June’s 13,633 tonnes worth $26.7 million.

ABS increased to 154,960 tonnes worth $328.2 million from 138,043 tonnes at $299.5 million in June.