Circular economy could create 3 million jobs across Europe by 2030 says WRAP study


Research by WRAP has shown that 3 million extra jobs could occur across Europe as a result of the circular economy.

Building on research from earlier this year, Economic Growth Potential of More Circular Economies looked at the employment potential from the circular economy for each EU Member State.


Currently, it is estimated that 3.4 million people are employed in circular economy jobs such as repair, waste and recycling, and the rental and leasing sectors across Europe.

In the UK, this could potentially add 517,000 jobs by 2030, second only to Germany which could gain an extra 759,000 jobs.

WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin (pictured) said: “Providing the bigger picture for the jobs potential from the circular economy for each individual Member State makes the case for the EU to adopt an ‘ambitious’ circular economy package even stronger.

“This added layer of detail is the missing piece of the jigsaw that shows how the circular economy supports the themes of the Commission’s wider plan for job creation and growth.

“It’s clear that many countries could see considerable benefits which could improve the jobs market, the economy, as well as the environment.”