Circular economy must be implemented by new Government, says British Metals Recycling Association


The new Government must work with the European Commission to ensure that circular economy policies are introduced in the UK, according to the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA).

Following the Conservative win in the General Election, the BMRA wants a change from the previous five years to encourage more recycling and resource efficiency.


BMRA director general Ian Hetherington said: “The Conservative Government has to play a decisive role in Europe as the European Commission redevelops its circular economy package, which will be revealed in autumn. Then, a comprehensive set of core policies in this arena must be implemented to provide certainty and inform industry investment decisions over the next five years.

“We hope that the whole topic of waste, reuse, recycling, resource efficiency and the treatment of unrecyclable residues is debated fully in place of the fractured sub-tropical monologues that have characterised recent years. The recycling industry has done a great deal to further this agenda, but we do need a strong lead from the Government to ensure that the positive value of material destined for recycling is not frittered away by the over-zealous and over-complicated enforcement of regulations designed for genuine problem wastes.”