Clean Power Properties plan consultation on £50 million pyrolysis plant in Lanarkshire


A local consultation is to begin in June over plans for a £50 million pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion plant at Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

Clean Power Properties plans to build an 8MW pyrolysis facility and 2MW anaerobic digestion facility to process 195,000 tonnes of waste per year.


It will be situated on the site of a former special needs school.

The company is set to engage the local community in a 12-week consultation ahead of submitting a planning application in June.

A spokesperson for Clean Power Properties told the Hamilton Advertiser newspaper: “It is not a proposal for the incineration of waste, nor a proposal where waste or recycling will be stored outside.

“The proposal to receive local waste, capture and sort the recyclables so that the remaining organic material can be used to produce electricity and heat energy.

“At full capacity, the Energy Recovery Centre will produce up to 15MW of renewable electricity for the equivalent of 15,000 local homes.

“As the pyrolysis process only heats organic materials in a controlled way, and the anaerobic digestion process a sealed system, smell and emissions nuisances are also not present.

“The development will be over 200 metres away from the closest residential properties.

“The Energy Recovery Centre would benefit the local community by creating over 30 permanent full-time equivalent jobs throughout the planned 25-year operating period, and creating over 150 jobs during its construction.”