Closed Loop Recycling expecting boost from games


The London 2012 Olympic games will provide a legacy for the UK that will stimulate consumers to recycle more and create many green jobs for the recycling industry, according to Closed Loop Recycling chief executive Chris Dow.

Based just five miles away from the Olympic games site in Dagenham, the company is expecting to benefit from the more than 1 million visitors expected to visit London during the games.


This is because it has a supply contract with Transport for London, which operates the Tube, as well as contracts with a number of London boroughs that will host tourists.

Chris Dow said: “London 2012 presents the UK recycling and packaging industry with a fantastic opportunity to take closed loop material recycling – that is taking UK sourced recyclate and turning it into new food and drink packaging – to the next level.

“Under the spotlight of the world we will be delivering on the greenest recycling legacy ever. Coca Cola’s commitment to recycle used plastic bottles from the games into new packaging will not only benefit their own brands, but the whole industry, by stimulating demand for UK recyclate at every level and sending a strong UK closed loop message to environmentally minded consumers, big brands and retailers alike.”