CMA CGM no longer taking plastic waste on its ships


Shipping line CMA CGM has announced that it will no longer allow plastic waste to be loaded onto its ships.

Although the company had previously said that it would ban plastic waste from 1 June 2022, it has now said that no plastic waste should be loaded onto its vessels from 15 April 2022.


In a note to customers, CMA CGM wrote: “As part of its renewed commitment towards more sustainable trade, the CMA CGM Group announced its decision to no longer carry plastic waste on our ships as of June 1st, 2022. This landmark decision in the shipping industry will help protect the oceans and biodiversity.

“To enforce this commitment while maintaining sufficient anticipation buffer for our customers, we kindly inform you that no plastic waste will be loaded onboard CMA CGM Group’s vessels as from April 15th, 2022. Plastic waste is identified under HS code category 3915.”

The company no longer allows HS code 3915 products to be booked via its online system, while those who provide false declarations on the nature of the goods will be blacklisted.

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