Co-op begin selling food past “best before” date to help improve food waste


The Co-op has become the first major retailer to sell food past its “best before” date, in a hope that it will reduce food waste.  

In East Anglia, the retailer’s 125 stores have begun selling dried foods and tinned products such as pasta, crisps and rice that are pas, for the price of 10p. 


This move was implemented by the store to try and reduce the 7.3 million tonnes of food waste created annually in the UK, according to the Food Standards Agency 

The 10p offer will not apply to perishable foods, which have a “use by” date, depicting when the product is safe to eat.  

The campaign “Don’t be a Binner, have it for dinner” follows a successful three-month trial in 14 co-op stores. 

East of England Co-op joint chief executive Roger Grosvenor told The Grocer: The vast majority of our customers understand they are fine to eat and appreciate the opportunity to make a significant saving on some of their favourite products. 

“This is not a money-making exercise, but a sensible move to reduce food waste and keep edible food in the food chain. 

The store estimates that the initiative will prevent at least 50,000 items a year being discarded.