Colin Iles steps down as chairman of European Metal Recycling


European Metal Recycling (EMR) executive director and chairman Colin Iles has stepped down from his roles at the company.

As part of the succession process initiated by Colin and the late Phillip Sheppard, the executive management and governance of the company is being passed onto a new generation of managers.


He will remain as a non-executive director, but leaves the company after 28 years there. EMR is now looking for a new chairman.

Colin Iles said: “The succession of a successful, entrepreneurial company like EMR is a very difficult thing for any business to achieve.

“We have built excellent strength and depth in our executive management team and having worked with [EMR chief executive]  Chris Sheppard now for eight years, I have a high regard for him and his ability to take the business to the next level.

“I have seen this company grow from a small regional company with four sites to a global leader in the recycling industry with around 170. Chris and his management team have already taken this platform forward with our industry leading investments in plastics recycling and waste to energy.”

Chris Sheppard added: “Although Colin will maintain his involvement with EMR as a non-executive director, I think it is only right to highlight the achievements of one of the metal recycling industry’s giants.

“Colin has been a huge driving force in developing EMR into the successful global business it is. On behalf of the Sheppard family and the company, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for his exceptional contribution.”