Copper falls in early trade over economic woes


The global economy continues to concern the metals markets.

The eurozone crisis is dragging on, the Democrats and Republicans in the US may not agree a deal to combat its debt, and China is also concerned that its economy may suffer as a result of what is going on elsewhere.


As a result, in early trading today, copper was down to $7,330 (£4.628) at 10:15am. This is a significant drop on Friday’s $7,605 (£4,801), which in itself was up on Thursday’s $7,525 (£4,771).

Aluminium on Friday was little changed at $2,106 (£1,330) from Thursday’s $2,105 (£1,335). Alloy was up on Friday to $2,010 (£1,269) from Thursday’s $1,990 (£1,262).

Lead increased at the end of last week to $2,025 (£1,278) from Thursday’s $1,999 (£1,268). Nickel increased to $17,920 (£11,313) on Friday from Thursday’s $17,830 (£11,306).

Tin was up to $21,550 (£13,605) on Friday compared to $21,200 (£13,442) on Thursday. Zinc was priced at $1,936 (£1,222) on Friday from $1,921 (£1,218) the day before.

Steel was unchanged on $525 but was down in sterling by £2 to £331.