Defra calls for consistent application of waste shipment and end-of-waste rules across Europe


The UK Government has called for better implementation of regulation to ensure that certain waste provisions are applied consistently across Europe.

In its response to the consultation on the European Commission circular economy package and the functioning of waste markets, Defra said that “inconsistent application of waste provisions across Member States causes concern for UK stakeholders. These seem particularly important in the areas of end of waste status, Waste Shipment Regulations and preparation for reuse”.


Defra also said it supports facilitation of resource efficient business models, the adoption of a systems approach making better use of data, and the promotion of voluntary agreements.

It would also like to see EU-wide networks for industrial symbiosis, coherence in existing EU initiatives around product policy and design, and provide businesses with more information and support on resource efficiency.

The UK also wants to see exemptions for some SMEs from registering as waste carriers if they only transport small amounts of their own non-hazardous waste.

In its response to the main consultation on the circular economy (a different document), Defra said that the main priority of the package should be to seek greater resource efficiency, reduce reliance on virgin materials and keep materials in circulation.

It also wants to see steps to enable finance for resource efficient business models and green public procurement.

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