Details of Chinese waste import restrictions revealed


More information has emerged on increased restrictions on secondary commodity imports into China.

scrap-ex news can reveal that when carriers send solid waste into China, they shall request that from 1 August 2011, when carriers import solid waste, shippers will be required to provide the following information:

  • Related import licence for solid waste
  • Certificate for registration of domestic consignee of imported solid waste that may be used for raw materials
  • Certificate of registration of overseas supplier of imported waste that may be used for raw materials
  • Pre-shipment inspection certificate of imported solid waste that may be used for raw materials.

These measures will apply on the import of solid waste that is transported into China from around the world including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

 Any solid waste that is sent to China to be dumped or stored that does not meet the requirement of being a raw material can be sent back to the original export country by Chinese customs officials with the liability and costs belonging to the carrier. If a carrier does not send back the waste within three months, then further enforcement action will take place.