Device to cut plastic and cardboard packaging


A new device has been designed and manufactured that reduces the amount of packaging used for transporting multiple goods to retailers.

The TrakRap replaces traditional shrink wrapping machines and is designed to help supermarkets deliver lighter weight, lower cost and more energy efficient transit and retail ready packaging.


Using the same energy as a domestic kettle, the TrakRap system eliminates the use of heat, as applied in shrink wrap systems, substituting it with seven microns thick C8 LLDPE, which is a lighter, 100 per cent recyclable polymer.

When combined with the TrakRap corrugated card trays, it uses less cardboard making it suitable for ambient, fresh and frozen products.

TrakRap chief executive Martin Leeming who spent 15 years as a director at ASDA Walmart said: “We have been developing and refining the TrakRap system for the last 15 years. Now we have tested the machinery robustly with a number of big brand names and we are ready to launch it into the market.

“TrakRap is genuinely unique within the marketplace, offering a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to shrink wrapping, which uses fewer materials and less energy.”

In a 12 month trial at Dale Farm, where it replaced three shrink wrap machines used for packing yoghurt and crème fraiche ready for distribution, film usage was reduced by 68 per cent achieving a CO2 reduction of 87 tonnes per annum and a lower cost per pack.

Energy usage was also reduced by 95 per cent.