Dow, SCG and Unilever to develop Vietnamese plastics circular economy

Vietnam plastics circular economy
Representatives of Dow, SCG and Unilever sign agreement on a plastics circular economy with the Vietnamese deputy environment minister

A plastics circular economy is to be developed in Vietnam by three major companies and the country’s government.

Dow Chemical Vietnam, SCG Group and Unilever Vietnam International have signed a memorandum of understanding with Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to establish a public-private partnership (PPP).


The PPP will have four priorities. These are:

  • Raise public awareness of minimising plastic waste and sorting waste at source
  • Support activities of sorting waste at source and recycling plastic waste
  • Enhance technological innovation and solutions for recycling plastic waste
  • Enhance dialogue and develop policies to support the circular economy in plastic waste management in Vietnam.

With a population of nearly 100 million people, Vietnamese Deputy Environment Minister Vo Tuan Nhan said that the country needed to improve its waste management infrastructure to deal with the problem of plastic waste.

He added: “This demonstrates the strong commitment and determination of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in solving solid waste and plastic waste.

“We always listen, demand and are ready to cooperate with all parties to protect the environment together for the sake of national sustainable development.”

Dow Vietnam general director Ekkasit Lakkananithiphan said: “We are very proud to be a founding member of this public-private partnership model to implement the plastics circular economy in Vietnam.

“As a materials science and solutions provider, Dow is working with partners to invent new products, recycling technology and create new consumer markets for recycled plastic waste to help eliminate plastic waste from the environment.”

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