Dutch energy from waste company wins contract to treat FCC residual waste


FCC Environment has signed a contract for Dutch energy from waste company Twence to process refused derived fuel.

It is Twence’s second British contract, following last year’s deal with Seneca.  Under the terms of the five year contract with FCC, Twence will process, over the lifetime of the contract, up to 200,000 tonnes of British refuse derived fuel in its energy from waste plant in Hengelo, Netherlands.


Twence chief executive Paul de Jong said: “Internationalism is a focal point of Twence’s strategy. After all, waste is no longer merely a national issue but has firmly become a matter of European business.

“It reinforces the basis for the continuity of our company. The contract with FCC Environment will strengthen our international market position considerably. At the same time, our involvement in the recovery of raw materials in the UK is increasing as well.”

Twence marketing and sales manager Gert Jan Bennink said: “Our goal is to gradually expand our share of the market for RDF in the UK. We don’t see this as a temporary activity. We want to achieve a permanent position in the market there. Twence and its associate Attero are working together in the British market under the name of Dutch Recycling and have already managed to build up a good reputation there.”