€56.2 million provided by the EU to support environmental and resource efficiency projects


A total of 51 projects across Europe have received €56.2 million (£40 million) in funding to focus on environmental and resource efficiency programmes.

This should mobilise a total of €103.3 million when co-financing is taken into account.


The funding from the LIFE programme will cover projects in five thematic areas, which are air, environment and health, resource efficiency, waste and water.

Out of these, close to half of the funds will be dedicated to 14 resource efficiency projects that will facilitate Europe’s transition to a more circular economy.

EU Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella (pictured) said: “Money invested in environment projects is money well spent. I am delighted to see that our LIFE programme will support many innovative projects, and I am sure they will make a vital contribution.

“As well as protecting and enhancing natural capital, there are many promising avenues here that will help steer Europe towards a low-carbon, resource efficient and sustainable future.

“We will follow these projects carefully, with a view to sharing and replicating their success.”

In addition to the 51 environment and resource efficiency projects, 39 nature and biodiversity, and six governance and information projects have received funding under the same LIFE programme.