EEF calls for EU leadership role on resource efficiency


The European Union must “play a leadership role” on resource security, according to a report from EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation.

In its Europe: A Manifesto for Growth report, EEF sets out how it believes the EU can achieve a strong industrial and manufacturing base.


As part of this, it wants to ensure that important materials are available to manufacturers, and part of this is resource efficient use.

The manifesto said: “The EU must play a leadership role on resource security by funding research into breakthrough technologies, new exploration techniques and resource-efficient technologies as well as new materials that can substitute for those in short supply.

“It should also use its global role to build and develop international cooperation and partnerships as well as using the WTO to eradicate raw material protectionism.”

EEF is particularly calling for access to rare earth metals that are used in flat screen displays, rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and generators for wind turbines.

It said that China is the leading producer of these materials and that it is regulating exports of these tightly. Other countries are also seeking to protect local manufacturing by imposing export barriers. 

See the full report here