Environment Agency Wales likely to allow ship recycling expansion


Swansea Drydocks is likely to be allowed to expand its ship recycling operations, the Environment Agency Wales has announced.

The company plans to extend the area in which they dismantle ships to include a wet berth area, and the Environment Agency Wales does not believe this poses a threat to the environment.


A second consultation is now being held to highlight any new issues that have not been addressed as part of the decision making process ahead of the Environment Agency Wales giving its final decision.

Environment Agency Wales spokeswoman Mary Youell said: “We have carried out a rigorous assessment into these proposals and the company has demonstrated that they have the necessary measures in place to protect local people and the environment.

“This second round of consultation gives everybody the opportunity to view the revised permit we have drafted, discuss how we have reached our decision, and bring any new issues to our attention.

“We will only allow the permit change once we are satisfied that the company will continue to operate safely and without impacting on local people or the environment.”