EU to ban cadmium in plastic to encourage PVC recycling


Recycling of PVC will be boosted by a new EU ban of the chemical cadmium, according to the European Commission.


From December 2011, cadmium will be banned in all plastics under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restrictions of Chemicals (REACH) legislation.

European Commission vice president Antonio Tajani said: “This is positive news for consumers, as well as for industry, since it has already developed alternatives to the substance. It also proves, once more, the essential role played by REACH in granting high standards on health and safety.

“The measure encourages the recycling of PVC waste, which represents significant progress in the efforts to save resources.”

The EU will allow PVC to be used in a limited number of products for the construction industry, although it will require a special logo to be placed on the packaging informing buyers that it contains PVC.