European Commission urged to learn from Scottish bottle and can deposit scheme


Zero Waste Europe has urged the European Commission to notice the benefits of deposit schemes, and introduce the necessary changes in order to extend deposit and return schemes (DRS) across the EU. 

The move by Scotland to introduce DRS has been welcomed by Zero Waste Europe as an effort to move towards a circular economy and reduce plastic pollution through recycling of bottles and cans. 


It is also encouraging the European Commission to consider the legal changes that would be necessary to make it easier for other countries to introduce DRS. 

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday her plan to introduce a deposit in all beverage containers sold in Scotland, in order to cut down marine and street litter.  

DRS is being implemented after the success of similar schemes in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, who have boosted recycling rates for beverage packing to over 90%.  

Recent research by Green Alliance has illustrated deposit schemes as the “single most effective measure to reduce plastic pollution in seas“.