European Environmental Bureau call for global action to end waste problems and pollution


The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has called for global action to end problems caused by waste and pollution, restore justice and change the world’s economy.  

EEB called for this action at the third session of the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, where world leaders, organisations and business representatives gather to discuss the main problems within the environmental sector.  


According to EEB, there is a growing drive for policy makers to rethink production patterns, shift to reuse and recycling and encourage local communities. 

During the Assembly, the EEB urged UN leaders to implement measures in order to transition into a plastic-free society and circular economy.  

These measures include increasing producer responsibility, and creating strong goals to reduce waste. 

EEB president Jouni Nissinen said: “We need to start thinking of waste prevention as an economic opportunity to trigger local jobs and savings for citizens and businesses. Why waste valuable products and materials when we can recover scarce resources through reuse or recycling? 

Pic: Janis Brizga, Green Liberty