Falls for Chinese material imports in October


Imports of most recyclate into China fell in October, according to Chinese customs statistics.

Scrap copper fell in October to 380,000 tonnes from 420,000 tonnes in September. This was 7.8 per cent up on last year however, and represented a value of $1.38 billion (£0.86 billion).


However, scrap aluminium remained unchanged on 220,000 tonnes. This was down 9.2 per cent compared to the same month in 2010, and had a value of $405 million (£254 million).

Paper and paperboard was also lower at 240,000 tonnes in October compared to 270,000 tonnes in September. This was 0.3 per cent lower than October 2010 and was valued at $291 million (£182 million).

PET imports were lower at 15,789 tonnes compared to 20,177 tonnes in 2010. This dropped by a huge 19.4 per cent on October 2010 and represented a value of $29.3 million (£18.36 million).

ABS was down to 130,105 tonnes in October from 147,118 in September. This represented a drop of 14.1 per cent compared to October 2010. The total value of the October 2011 ABS imports was $294.3 million (£184.4 million).