FareShare to work with food industry to reduce surplus food from going to waste


The UK’s first ever Surplus Food Summit is being held today by charity FareShare.

At the summit, FareShare will launch its new FareShare Food Efficiency Framework that is designed to help businesses with the processes to ensure that surplus food can be made available to charities for redistribution.


The summit is being supported by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC).

Speakers at the event include people from ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Nestlé and Kellogg’s.

FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell said: “Today is about the industry coming together and making the commitment that no good food should be wasted.

“There are immense social, environmental and economical benefits to be reaped. We all have a part to play in ensuring that good food is used for its purpose and is redistributed to charities to help those people who need it the most.

“We are proud to have the support of BRC, FDF and FPC, some of whose members have already engaged with FareShare to ensure processes are established within their operations to divert good food for people in need.”

BRC director general Helen Dickinson said: “For British supermarkets, the priority is to keep food surplus and food waste to an absolute minimum.

“While the overall proportion of waste occurring within supermarkets is relatively small, we will nevertheless continue working with our supply chain partners and consumers to reduce waste both along the supply chain and within the home.”