Fire breaks out at Lincolnshire scrap metal recycling facility


Firefighters have been fighting a blaze at a metal recycling yard in Lincolnshire after 300 tonnes of metal caught fire.

The blaze broke out on Sunday at BW Riddle in Bourne with fire crews coming from all over the surrounding area to deal with the fire.


It is the second fire at the facility in three months.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue group manager John Sharp said: “The pile of metal, rubber and plastic is 20 metres by 10 metres, and eight metres high. It looks like there are about 300 tonnes of material in the pile.

“At the moment, the priority is breaking down the piles into more manageable piles. There is a lot of smoke, but it is not toxic. It is mainly steam coming from the water we are using to put the flames out.”

An investigation has begun into the causes of the fire. In September, more than 800 tonnes of metal and plastic caught fire at the facility when an unknown item on a conveyor caused a spark through friction to light other material.