Funding to investigate extracting high value metals and minerals for recycling


An Innovation Challenge to extract high value metals and minerals from domestic and commercial waste streams is being coordinated by the Technology Strategy Board through the Small Business Research Initiative.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is investing up to £200,000 feasibility studies to evaluate novel technical methods and business processes that can deliver high-value opportunities for the extraction of metals and minerals from both domestic and commercial waste streams.


It is likely to involve local partnerships between businesses, local authorities and local communities.

Up to five feasibility studies focusing on extracting high value metals and minerals will be funded.

Defra recognises that co-extraction of other materials may be necessary as part of the value proposition. In particular, Defra is interested in the recovery of materials identified by the EU as critical raw materials, but other metals and minerals are in scope for this competition where they lead to high-value opportunities.