Grundon plans anaerobic digestion plant in Gloucestershire


An anaerobic digestion plant is being planned by Grundon Waste Management on its existing landfill site at Wingmoor Farm in Gloucestershire.

The company plans to work with Andigestion to build the facility on the south of the Wingmoor landfill site. This area has been designated in Gloucestershire Waste Core Strategy has being suitable for additional waste management facilities.


Up to 34,000 tonnes of food waste would be processed at the site each year.

Grundon estates manager Stewart Mitchell said: “We already take 6,000 tonnes of locally produced food waste to the landfill site, so it makes sense to divert it to a purpose-designed biological treatment plant which generates two useful by-products.

“We can use the liquid biofertiliser for on-site restoration and once the biogas has been turned into energy, it will be used to power the anaerobic digestion process.

“However, most of the electricity will be fed into the National Grid.”