Guidance on ‘broadly equivalent’ standards on export of recycled packaging and WEEE issued


Updated guidance on exporting packaging and WEEE for recycling has been issued by the four national enforcement agencies.

Under the ‘broadly equivalent’ standards, exports to non-EU countries must be recycled or recovered in a way that achieves the level of environmental protection set out in the Waste Framework Directive.


This new guidance shows the types of evidence that is required to meet this standard.

The guidance states that all evidence submitted to demonstrate broadly equivalent standards for packaging and equivalent standards for WEEE must:

  • Relate to the overseas reprocessing site that is included in the application
  • Have a valid date at the time of submission
  • Refer to the reprocessing activity and the conditions/standards that it needs to operate
  • Have an English translation and be accompanied by a photocopy of the original document
  • Have an official stamp on the original document and reference to the competent authority, if it is an environmental licence.

As part of this new guidance, it offers examples of additional evidence that will be required for countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and others.