Guide to exporting recycling legally published for local authorities


The European Pathway to Zero Waste has published a best practice guide on how to stop waste being exported illegally.

Aimed at local authorities, it advises them to ensure materials recycling facilities they are working with comply with the law. However, it can also be used by anybody else that wishes to export waste to advise them on how to meet their legal obligations.


The guide has been produced by the European Pathway to Zero Waste with input from the Environment Agency, local authorities, waste contractors, and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

It covers everything from the consequences of non-compliance with waste export laws, which legislation needs to be complied with, and case studies on councils that are already exporting material.

View the guide here

The European Pathway to Zero Waste is holding a conference on 11 February in London on a sustainable future for the south east. Speakers include Environment Minister Lord de Mauley, Marcus Gover from WRAP and Julie Hill from the Green Alliance. More information is available here