Hubbub to help educate children on marine pollution through Plastic Fishing Trip


The Hubbub Foundation has been given £77,250 to take children on Plastic Fishing Trips on the world’s first recycled plastic boat, in order to educate them on the dangers of plastic pollution.    

Named “Poly-Mer”, the boat has been created from 99% recycled plastic waste and will be part of the educational trip which takes place around London’s docklands.  


One of the aims of the trips is to recover plastic from the river, with the collected material going towards the production of similar boats, say Hubbub.  

According to the Foundation, 300 tonnes of waste is retrieved from the Thames annually, with most of the collected materials being food and drink packaging. 

The funds raised from the Plastic Fishing Trips will go towards financing the production cost of the boats, as well as supporting school trips. 

Each trip lasts for two hours and includes 45 minutes of fishing, with prizes for the team that collects the most.     

Environmental background will be taught through educational activities, group games and workshops.