Imports of materials into China down in January due to Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year had a big impact on the import of materials into China in January.

With China effectively on holiday for at least a week in January, imports took a not entirely unexpected nosedive.


Imports of ABS were down to 111,456 tonnes worth $234.2 million (£148.2 million) compared to 158,487 tonnes in December worth $331.9 million (£215.5 million).

PET in slices and chips were lower at 14,701 tonnes valued at $24.5 million (£15.5 million). In December, 21,212 tonnes were imported at a value of $33.5 million (£21.75 million).

Copper imports were down to 230,000 tonnes worth $742.5 million (£470 million) from December’s 450,000 tonnes valued at $1.495 billion (£970 million).

Aluminium halved to 140,000 tonnes from 280,000 tonnes in the last month of 2011. It was worth $224 million (£142 million) compared to $465.4 million (£302.2 million) a month earlier.

January also saw paper imports fall to 180,000 tonnes compared to 250,000 tonnes in December. The value of this was $220.8 million (£138.7 million) from $313.5 million (£203.6 million) in December.