Improved live data shows plastics targets for 2012 may be met


Analysis by SCM scrap-ex of recycling data from the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) suggests that revised data for Q1 and Q2 may mean plastics targets are easier to meet.

Since the publication of the Q2 packaging recycling data in July that showed poor performance from both that quarter and particularly Q1 for plastics, there has been concern that the plastics recycling sector will miss its targets.


But analysis of live data from the NPWD suggests this may not be the case.

SCM scrap-ex environment markets manager Joe Savage said: “In the run up to Q3, SCM scrap-ex has noticed that the live figures for both Q1 and Q2 show some fairly significant changes, predominantly within the plastics figures. If there is any element of truth in the revisions, it will go some way to relax fears that the UK will miss target for plastic recycling in 2012.

“The published data shows that the UK managed just 127,038 tonnes of plastic recovery in Q1 with an improved performance in Q2 of 135,780 tonnes. When assessing these figures, and allowing for the ‘carried in’ evidence, there was a shortfall of roughly 30,000 tonnes putting performance against achieving compliance at circa 47 per cent.

“After extracting the live data reports on 10 October, the plastic figures for both Q1 and Q2 have improved to 144,144 tonnes and 142,441 tonnes respectively. Notably the Q1 export figure climbed by 12,381 tonnes.

“It will be interesting to see if the official statistics from August remain 100 per cent validated or whether they will be modified to take account of this extra data.”