Indonesian Government postpones recycled import registration rules until January


The Indonesian Government has published an update to its regulations that will allow imports of recycled materials to continue under current rules until 1 January 2021.

As long as the recycled material (classified as B3) reaches a designated Indonesian port by 28 February 2021 and is validated by the correct documentation, then the new registered exporter regulations do not apply.


Materials can only be sent to these ports though:

a. Tanjung Priok in Jakarta;
b. The Golden Cape in Semarang;
c. Tanjung Perak in Surabaya;
d. Soekarno Hatta in Makassar;
e. Belawan in Medan;
f. Batu Ampar in Batam;
g. Lamong Bay in Surabaya;
h. Peacock in Cilegon;
i. Veda in Central Halmahera;
j. Cigading in Cilegon;
k. Bahodopi in Morowali;
l. Bitung in Bitung; and
m. Pekanbaru in Pekanbaru.

Indonesia set out its new registration process last month from UK and Ireland that would require a detailed registration process to be completed from 30 September 2020.

However, it now appears that non-registered exporters can continue to send material to Indonesia until the end of this year.

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