Interest in resource efficiency “gaining momentum” among investors says Impax Asset Management


Impax Asset Management has said that investors are increasingly interested in placing assets in resource efficiency markets.

In publishing interim results to 31 March 2015, the company said that it is now managing £3.1 billion in assets for investors across the globe.


Since 1998, the company has been investing in resource efficiency and environmental markets created by resource scarcity and the demand for cleaner, more efficient products and services.

In its ‘Prospects’ section in its results, Impax Asset Management said: “We retain our positive outlook for global equities and believe markets will continue to edge higher, albeit with periods of volatility. Interest in resource efficiency is gaining additional momentum as investors allocate further assets to environmental and resource efficiency markets and our products are integrated within a widening range of asset categories including socially responsible and impact investments, high growth global equities and liquid alternatives.”