Ireland’s Shabra Plastics to increase PET recycling capacity to 35,000 tonnes

Shabra Plastics

Investment of €4 million (£3.6 million) will lead to Shabra Plastics increasing its PET recycling capacity to 35,000 tonnes per year.

The firm, based in Castleblayney in Ireland currently recycles 12,000 tonnes of PET bottles each year. The company also recycles HDPE and LDPE.


Shabra Plastics chief executive Rita Shah told Ireland’s Business Post: “It means we will be able to export more. There is a lot of opportunity there for us, because of increased focus on sustainability worldwide, and we need more capacity to meet that.

“We had hoped to start building this year. We have the planning permission, but we have had to delay the work now because of Covid-19.

“The plastic is exported to Britain, Europe and Far East.

“At one point all of our business was export. Now we also sell in Ireland to companies like Quinn Packaging and Avoncourt Plastics. Our reprocessed plastic is used in everything from food packaging to nappies and carpets.”

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