Kingsmill roll out bread packaging made from chemically recycled plastic


Bread packaging made from chemically recycled plastic has been launched by Allied Bakeries brand Kingsmill.

Used in the Kingsmill No Crusts 50/50 loaf, the packaging uses resin produced by SABIC’s advanced recycling process.


It is then manufactured into bread bags by St. Johns Packaging using a PE resin grade. The bags contain 30% content from post-consumer waste.

The roll out follows a trial that began in November 2020 and was completed in May.

Allied Bakeries joint managing director Chris Craig said: “At Kingsmill, we’re fully committed to finding ways to address the plastic challenge that all food producers are facing. Of course, this is just one of our products, but it’s an important step that shows how food manufacturers and packaging suppliers are working together to bring about much needed change.

“We really need more soft plastics to be recycled, so that there is more material available for projects like this. We want everyone in the UK to know that bread bags can and should be recycled by taking them to larger stores, but what we really need is for the UK Government to bring forward the date when soft plastics like bread bags can be recycled as part of home kerbside collections.”

SABIC’s process takes mixed plastics and converts them into pyrolysis oil. This is then used in the production of new polymers with the same purity and quality as traditional virgin plastics.

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