LARAC backs consistency report and idea of three different collection systems


The body that represents local authority recycling officers has supported the launch of the WRAP framework for consistent recycling in England.

LARAC said that it supports the concept of consistency but also that the report sets out three different collection systems and this puts to bed the myth that there is only one collection system that all councils should adopt.


Its chair Andrew Bird (pictured), who was part of the advisory group working with WRAP on the framework, said: “Right from the start it became clear that the best way to achieve any sort of consistency across the UK was to focus on the materials that were collected and not the method used to collect them.
“In terms of the UK achieving higher levels of recycling it makes sense that food waste is one of the materials that forms part of what a high achieving system might look like. By focusing on the materials it has meant the work was truly cross industry and this sort of cross industry working is something LARAC has called for recently on several occasions if we are to take things forward in a productive manner.”