London buses to be powered by coffee waste


Technology company Bio-Bean has launched its coffee biodiesel project, which aims to power some of London’s buses through biofuel, created by oil extracts from coffee waste and diesel. 

The project, which is in collaboration with Shell and Argent Energy, makes the biofuel through blending fats and oils, producing 20% biocomponent, which is then mixed with mineral diesel.  


Up to 50,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds can be recycled in Bio-Bean’s factory annually, with the coffee sourced through partnerships with coffee shops and factories across the UK. 

Bio-Bean’s biofuel is then directly put into selected London buses, which if continued, can decrease emissions from the transport industry through innovations in second-generation biofuels. 

The 6,000 litres of coffee oil produced in this project is enough to help power one bus for a year. 

London also creates enough coffee ground waste to generate a scale large enough to help fuel around a third of the London transport system.    

Pic: Paul Robertson