LyondellBasell and EEW sign deal to extract plastics from energy from waste feedstocks

Bernard M. Kemper from EEW and Yvonne van der Laan from LyondellBasell signing the letter of intent

A strategic partnership has been signed between Dutch chemical firm LyondellBasell and German company EEW Energy from Waste to investigate extracting plastics from incineration waste streams.

The proposed collaboration would include construction of pre-sorting facilities at or near to EEW incineration plants with the aim of removing the plastic content.


There would then be a further sort to refine the plastic that had been removed.

Potentially, the plastic would then be sent to either LyondellBasell’s plastic mechanical recycling facility in the Netherlands or treated by its proposed chemical recycling plant in Germany.

LyondellBasell executive vice president Circular and Low Carbon Solutions Yvonne van der Laan said: “Collaborations across the value chain are part of our strategy and are increasingly necessary to free up plastic waste from sources that today do not end up in recycling.

“The materials from these sorting facilities would not only support our existing mechanical recycling facilities in the Netherlands and a potential advanced recycling unit in Germany, but also allows us to optimise waste streams and drive additional value.”