Malaysia reveals date when new paper and metal export inspections will begin

Malaysia plastic inspections
Malaysian officials inspect two containers containing US recycled plastics

Malaysia has said that it will soon begin a new regime for paper and metal export inspections following interim measures for the latter.

From 10 January 2022, the previously published guidelines on metal scrap and waste paper will begin.


Those who export the following codes for waste paper and metals will need to follow the guidelines. The codes are:

  • HS 4707.10: Unbleached kraft paper or paperboard or corrugated paper or paperboard
  • HS 4707.20: Other paper or paperboard made mainly of bleached chemical pulp, not coloured in the mass
  • HS 4707.30: Paper or paperboard made mainly of mechanical pulp (for example, newspapers, journals and similar printed matter)
  • HS 7204: Ferrous waste and scrap; remelting scrap ingots of iron or steel
  • HS 7404: Copper waste and scrap
  • HS 7602: Aluminium waste or scrap

The code HS 4707.90 is not included, as this is not allowed for import into Malaysia. This is effectively a mixed paper grade.

Those that wish to export to Malaysia will require the importer to hold a Certificate of Approval, issued by Malaysia inspection authority SIRIM.

Those materials recycling facilities (MRFs) that are approved by SIRIM will not require pre-shipment inspection, but all other MRFs will need this. However, there are also different requirements for those MRFs that do require pre-inspection based on the mode of transport and the Foreign Inspection Body used.

SIRIM has provided various presentations that outline the requirements for inspections here

Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry, which announced the date the guidelines will be implemented, said that previous measures would continue to apply until 9 January 2022. Previously, it had said that interim measures for metals would only apply until 31 December 2021.

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