Mercury Recycling faces legal challenge from South African tribe


Lawyers have written to Manchester’s Mercury Recycling claiming occupancy rights for a local tribe over land Mercury wishes to buy in South Africa.

The company which specialises in the recycling of fluorescent light tubes, sodium street lamps and car batteries is looking to diversify away from its core recycling business.


As a result, it announced recently that it intended to buy iron ore assets at the Bushveld Complex in South Africa.

Mercury has been contracted by lawyers on behalf of two individuals that claim to represent the tribe. However, Mercury’s own lawyers dispute the claim.

Non-executive director Giles Clarke told the Manchester Evening News: “The board regards the letter as completely spurious, but have been advised to make shareholders aware of it.

“We have received very robust expert legal advice from a South African law firm specialising in such matters and have been completely reassured that the letter is opportunistic and without any merit whatsoever.

“We remain fully committed to completing the acquisition and are excited about the prospects for the company following the acquisition.”

The company also plants to place shares to raise £3 million to finance development work in South Africa.